Top 5 PayPal Alternatives in Bangladesh

We know PayPal is the best and convenient way to send and receive money online worldwide. Unfortunately many countries in the world don’t support PayPal. Bangladesh is also one of those countries. But here in Bangladesh, there are many people who get paid regularly from abroad. So they always search for best existing alternatives of PayPal for smooth flow of money. Here we have listed top 5 PayPal alternatives in Bangladesh with details.


Payza is currently operating in more than 190 countries around the world and supports 25 currencies. You can reload your Payza account by bKash as they support Bangladeshi taka. You can withdraw money from bank or send and receive money to and from any country in the world using your Payza account.


Payoneer is the leading PayPal alternative in Bangladesh. It is very much popular among the freelancers in Bangladesh. Their prepaid master card is usable in more than 200 countries worldwide. You can use their card to make any online purchase as well as to withdraw money from ATMs.


Although PayPal service is not present in Bangladesh, their partner company Xoom is offering their services in Bangladesh. By using their services you can send money to Bangladesh from abroad. Freelancers also can receive their earned money directly to their bank account in Bangladesh through Xoom. Their services are currently available in more than 70 countries accross the world. To avail their services you should have an international PYpal account. They also have Android and iOS app for their customers worldwide. You can pay various types of bills, transfer money from bank to bank by using Xoom services easily.


bKash is a widely popular e-wallet service in Bangladesh. It is a venture of Brac Bank Limited. Subscribers can send money to bank accounts, withdraw from bank account, pay different types of bills by using bKash services. You can create bKash account directly from their mobile app or by visiting their official website.


iPay is also another popular e-wallet service in Bangladesh like bKash. You can get their services by using their mobile app or their online site. You can transfer money to your bank account, pay your utility bills, pay online or offline shopping bills by iPay.