Tricks to host the website image on Google

Content needs to be uploaded regularly to keep the website updated. At the same time the image is uploaded to the host server of the site. However, in most cases, due to the small amount of disk space and broadwith usage, you have to worry about uploading images. Because uploading too many images consumes too much disk space and bandwidth. However, Google is offering a solution to overcome this problem.

It is possible to find a solution to this problem with a little ingenuity. Google can be used to share images used on the website. The files will be 100% safe, there will be no fear of deletion.

This tutorial shows you how to use Google to host website images.

First you have to go to this link

Then you need to sign in with your Gmail ID. Then you have to upload the picture.

Once uploaded, the album will be created by clicking the add photo button. Then the pictures can be seen in Google’s photo sharing service Picasa.

Then select the image you want to use from the album.

Then open the image and right click on it and click on “Copy Link Image”. The link to the photo can be found. Now you have to copy the link and attach it to the website in the form of image.