Ways to keep the hard disk good

It’s impossible to think of anything without hard disks on computing devices! Hard disks are used to save, edit and use all the necessary files starting from the operating system.

There is no end to the suffering if there is a problem for any reason in the crowd of so many needs of the hard disk. There are many reasons to suffer in this. However, some things can be done to avoid hard disk crashes or other problems. Hard disk protection is mentioned in some of these issues.

1. Using Partitions. It can hold the operating system in one partition and the necessary files in the other. As a result, if there is a problem for any reason, there are benefits in various tasks including file recovery. And yes, at least 20 percent space should be left on each partition.

2. Hard disk defragment regularly. Defrash boot time at least once a week i.e. default system files including page files, hibernate files. This will get rid of unnecessary file hassle.

3. The main enemy of hard disk is dust. A small particle of dust can damage the hard disk head. It also has the potential to cause a hard disk crash. So the hard disk should be protected from dust as much as possible.

4. Monitor hard disk temperature regularly. If necessary, you can use system and hard disk monitor software. If necessary, critical temperature should be set so that notification is available when the hard disk gets hot.

5. Regularly recycle bin and delete browser cache. In this case cycliner software can be used.

. Disk low level format with hard disk data backup at least once a year if given the opportunity. If there are other problems in the hard disk including bad sector, it can be removed.

. Stop indexing Windows if necessary. This is because the index causes the disk to rotate unnecessarily and consumes energy or battery.

. Using UPS. This can prevent hard disk crashes.

9. The system should be restored. This is because the system slows down the performance of the restored hard disk.